The Flip Flop Wave


I read an article about how many flip flops are sold each year. Flip flops are the world’s most popular shoe. And for 3 billion people, they are their only footwear. The article then describes the what happens once they are thrown away, and it describes the beaches they wash up on years later.

Then I dreamt of a flip flop wave.

The original name for this print was ‘Broken’. A breaking wave, broken flip flops* and a broken planet. But ‘The Flip Flop Wave’, well it just has a better ring to it.

Oh, and the flip flops are blue, because I have no luck with blue flip flops.

Screen print
2 colours
Printed on acid-free, hot-pressed watercolour paper
12″ x 12″
Limited Edition of 12

*look closely – the middle bit has popped out