Screen Prints

Whale Shark in a Coca Cola Sea

A whale shark drifts through a plastic sea... During a residency in Mexico I witnessed first-hand plastic bottle mountains which have rebranded the landscape. On the same trip I spent time with a conservation group monitoring whale sharks in the Gulf of Mexico. I was ...

Kilner Jars

The Collections and Curiosities series. I drew then screen printed 100 empty Kilner jars. Over the last couple of years I have been carefully filling the jars with an assortment of relevant and random objects. In the spirit of collections and rarity, these objects ...


A Bed for the Night series. Whilst waiting for house guests I think about the routines we go through in preparation for their arrival; and the routines in preparation for their approval. And I wonder if I am yet ready to open a motel. This series currently has two ...


Distilled Mexican memories: sleeping in a hammock under the stars; searching for flamingos in the Gulf of Mexico; and falling in love with it all... A Broken Heart edition was added after the devastating earthquakes in September 2017. All proceeds from these prints ...

The Flip Flop Wave

I read an article about how many flip flops are sold each year. Flip flops are the world's most popular shoe. And for 3 billion people, they are their only footwear. The article then describes the what happens once they are thrown away, and it describes the beaches they ...


The blues, the blues the f**king blues. More detail coming soon

Miracle on the Hudson

text coming soon

Usumacina River Journey

text coming soon